1. Who we are? Introduction.

We are a political group of Indians committed to the peace, prosperity and happiness of Indians.


2.What are our objectives?

Our objective is to ensure security, justice, dignity, equal opportunity to all Indians by ensuring an atmosphere of peace, trust, and mutual cooperation among all Indians.


3. How we propose to achieve those objectives?

We propose to achieve the above objectives politically through the medium of a benign State whose claim is on the basis of fairness and justice to every Indian irrespective of his identity based on religion, caste, language, region or gender. Every Indian is as much an Indian as any other.


4. What we have already done?

We have built a strong, cohesive political group committed to the above ideals.

We have been involved in several social and political activities in the past which includes engaging with several groups in dialogue; contesting elections at municipal, legislative and parliamentary level; being involved in several social causes such as running free medical camps for the underprivileged; conducting awareness campaigns against drugs, alcohol and tobacco; health and hygiene camps; free libraries; legal aid camps and girl child education drives.


5. The hurdles faced in achieving those objectives

Connecting with our prospective allies and bringing them together based on common objectives.


6. The role that our allies can play in circumventing those hurdles.

We can work together organically guided by the common objectives and held together by mutual trust and respect.